SafeMeds eMAR Solution Safe for your Patients, Safe for your Staff Safe for your Home
SafeMeds eMAR SolutionSafe for your Patients, Safe for your StaffSafe for your Home


How can SafeMeds eMARs save me time?


SafeMeds eMARs will provide real time information and hence allows you to plan pro-actively. Currently we do not measure how much time is wasted in reacting or fire fighting once a problem occurs.


Do I need Wi-Fi?


No but it is helpful as it give greater flexibility. SafeMeds can be accessed via a tablet for mobility but will need to be synchronised regularly to ensure that data is passed quickly


What is that advantage of Wi-Fi?


Wi-Fi allows information (Data) to be in real time. It also ensures that the tablet works fast and efficient.


Do I need a tablet?


SafeMeds is web based and can be used from a normal PC/Laptop that has internet connection.


What about patient confidentiality?


Both the data being transferred and that being stored are encrypted.


Is the system CQC approved?


CQC provides guidelines and do not provide approval for any system (This includes paper based MARs). The system does meet all their guidelines and is accepted by them.


How do I sign a MAR entry?


Each user has an individual log in and password which forms an electronic signature which conforms to CQC guidelines.


What happens if my Wi-Fi fails?


The data from the tablet can be transferred to a PC/Laptop that is connected to the internet.


What happens if my internet fails for more then 7 days?


In the unlikely event that this happens, data can be transferred to a PC/Laptop and synchronised using a 3G dongle. Your tablet will store 1 weeks worth of data.

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