Safemeds eMARs Solutions Safe for your staff, safe for your patients, Safe for your business
Safemeds eMARs Solutions Safe for your staff, safe for your patients,Safe for your business

Medication administration

Booking in and ordering

Medication Stock Control

Simple, fast, effective audit

Managers Dashboard

Training and Customer Service

Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMARs) the future of care

Care Home staff are under increased pressure from CQC, the media and the public. The problem is too much to do in so little time, within the available financial resources.


SafeMeds eMARs solutions will reduce medication errors to zero, freeing time for your manager to spend on activities that enhance your residents quality of life.


Above all SafeMeds eMARs solutions will reduce the stress in administering medication for both managers and staff.

The cost of medication in terms of time and money is difficult to measure. However it does not stop at administration, ordering and booking in.


There are other time constraints such as checking stock, making sure that MAR charts are filled in correctly, not running out of medications and ensuring that there are no errors.


All this is compounded with the fact that errors mean more audit, more staff training, staff suspensions and even displinary action.

How much stress does this put on your staff?

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